50 sites to find free stock images

by Jean.

If you like Web Design, you probably use a lot of stock images in your designs. The following article is a list of 50 websites that provide free, open-sources images and photography to help you creating stunning designs without spending a dollar.

FreeFoto.com : Lots of images, orgnized in different galleries.

Dexhaus : Good site with excellent photos.
Kavewall : images and textures.
Digital Dreamers : Different falleries.
StockVault : Very well-known, and very good of course.
FreePhotosBank : Good choice.

FreeDigitalPhotos : Lots of photos.
Cepolina : Many free images availables in different formats.
TurboPhoto : Simple and efficient!
FreeStockImages : Beautiful website, awesome content.

DeviantArt : Another well-known site with images, photo and Photoshop brushes.

DreamsTime : Hi-Res pictures.
Unprofound : Many, many, many, images!
VintagePixel : Old-School style images.
OpenStockPhotography : More than a million images.

ImageAfter : Images and textures.
FreePhotosIndex : Good but hard to navigate.
EveryStockPhoto : Nice site, nice content.
Photocase : Same 🙂
Stock.xchg : Simply great.

MorgueFile : A site everyone should have in his bookmarks!.
Flickr : You already know it, right? 😉
GraphicsArena : Stunning pics to donwload.
PixelPerfectDigital : If you like digital photography, you’ll love this site.
FreeRange : Another well known site.

AnimationFactory : If you like animations, you’ll be happy with that one!
Fotogenika : Very nice galleries.
Woophy : To find pictures of the world.
MayangFreeTextures : Lots of free textures to download.

FromOldBooks : If you like old books!

TextureWarehouse : Only top quality textures.
FreeStockPhotos : Ugly site but cool pictures.
MajesticImagery : Very nice.
BurningWell : Same here, very nice site.

DesignPack : Themed images packs to download
ZurbPhotos : Download Bryan Zmijewski pictures.
AmazingTextures : The name says it all 😉
ImageBase : Lots of gorgeous photos.
DiwieDesign : Images are free but you’re encouraged to make a donation.

Tofz : Free stock urban photography.

LightMatter : Download Aaron Logan’s pictures.
InsectImages : Only insects images. Bzzz…
Afflict : Great site.
ArtFavor : Images, fonts and wallpapers on the same site.

FreeImages : Another nice one..
CreatingOnline : Good resource.
GeekPhilosopher : Pictures from GeekPhilosopher.
Creativity103 : Lots of images.

PhotoshopSupport : If you like Photoshop, you’ll love that site!.
FreeMediaGoo : Very complete resource.

Une Image au Hasard : Gallery from an amateur photographer.

That’s all. Now I just have to hope that this article will be as useful to you as is it to me. That’s always a good thing to see that we can still find very good free images online.
And you, do you have another site to tell us about? Leave us a comment!

This article is an English adaptation of Fred Pereira list of free stock images sites.

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  • Thanks for the link but you call me Fred 😉

  • Nice, didn’t know there were so many..

    • ejpoly

      There aren’t.

      Most of these links go to pay services, or their partners.

      Yeah, you might find a FEW free ones. But they’re basically the lo-res junk that nobody buys.

      • The O

        True, horrible links, take this page down

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  • Thanks! I use lots of photographs. Key to a travel site. I just bookmarked and dugg this.

  • I use imageafter.com all the time! 😉

    We also have an every growing list on our forum:


    Do you mind if I add your findings?

  • Thanks for sharing and putting efforts to compile this list. Very useful indeed. I always need free stock photos and now i can finally have my favorite list.

  • Earlier this week I had written a post exactly on the same thing
    90+ Free Stock photo Websites – http://techpp.com/2009/01/16/90-free-stock-photo-websites-exhaustive-list/

  • Great list! Quite a few here I hadn’t seen before.

  • very nice list, great job JBJ

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  • Thanks for the links… I’ll check them out since I am needing new and fresh stock images every now and then. And, if I could get them for free, then it’s added bonus. Are these stock photos Royalty free? or absolutely free?

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  • Thanks for your list. I can use it for my photoshop design reference

  • Thanks a lot dear

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  • Nice, it’s so hard finding photos for things, especially with the legal teams that hunt down everyone using their images and sending law suits out. Having this list of sites will make it a lot easier/safer.

  • sky

    wow..thank u..i can use that umage for my website..

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  • wow great list! thank you so much

  • Honestly, this thing of free stock images takes the cake ! I know it’s also all about point of view. Anyway, I don’t see great future in that kind of free websites.

  • Great list! This is exactly what I was looking for. Annnnd del.icio.us-ed

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  • Steph

    Awesome! Been trying to find a list like this.. thanks

  • Mauricio

    Nice list!


  • Ray in Detroit

    sxc.hu is another site I use A LOT!
    Free Free Free Stuff…That’s what the internet is about.

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  • A cool little list, I prefer Flickr. Some really good images.

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  • Super !

    I’ve been using Stock.xchg for quite some time .In my opinion it’s by far the best .

  • Max

    Photocase free??? Check the site! http://www.photocase.com/en/shop.asp

    The best list of free stock photos is at http://www.bluevertigo.com.ar/bluevertigo.htm

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  • Fantastic collection of links. Many thanks. I was searching for a particular shot to illustrate an ‘arson’ crime scene for a website I’m currently designing. Thanks to your list I’ve got a choice of shots to show the client next week. Thanks again.

  • thx for your list…now i can have collection for my reference photoshop

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  • Great list. I stumbled this post. This is definitely a resource that needs to be shared.

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  • Thanks for this grate list.

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  • Wow-so many I hadn’t heard about! Thanks ever so much for this list. Love it when people give helpful info to so many for the taking.

  • Very useful information. I am sure this information will be useful for me and anothers in order to fullfill our need for this image. Thank you.

  • that many ?! whoa big thanks for the list !

  • Thank you. I knew some of the websites. But your list is the most complete.

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  • I did not know that there were that many sites out there that offered free images. Are they royalty free?

  • Thanks for this list.

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  • Huge list of free stock images, but i just wondering does it really free? or it kind of royalty image?. Anyway, tq for the list.

  • Wow. This is the mother of all free stock photo sites. My list had about 6, but now I will simply refer clients to this list when they are looking for free stock photos. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • WOW!
    That is great staff.
    This page will be bookmarked now!

  • Thanks for the links.
    You can also check the photo-gratis.com website for free stock images.

  • G8 post.
    Can i translate and post it with link to here?


  • Just wanted to let you know, I’m building a new site and I used one of the free stock photo sites that you listed to build the banner. Thanks a lot for the list! The site looks great now because of you 🙂

  • I would like to suggest another free stock photo site.

    Free Stock Photos Web Photo Mart

    Currently the site offers over 3000 free stock photos and clip art illustrations submitted by staff photographers and other sources.

  • lingu

    Hey. I havent see so wide list before. Thanks a lot. I use http://www.flickr.com, http://stockart.deviantart.com/ and also http://www.pixmac.com/free-pictures

  • Wow, thanks for the hook up! This is some super stuff. So images are absolutely free??? Yay!

  • I have used a couple of those before but its always good to have more.

  • I currently just use sxc.hu as they have most of what I need, or I go without.
    I should probably start using the flickr ones as they are good

  • Added this page to my favorites. Thank you very much.

  • This is going to add on to my photoshop experience! Thanks for sharing these “toys”!


  • Just what I was looing for! Thanks so much man you have impeccable timing.

  • Man, just what I need!
    My Web designer is always charging me a few bucks for pictures, and not presenting me with enough options eithers.
    I’m tackling this list tonite and hope to find what I need quickly!

  • Excellent…this is my first time here and I love it.
    Thanks for all the helpful tips.
    I’ll be back

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  • Great piece. I use a lot of images and I was unaware of a number of these sites. Thanks for the informative post.

  • My favorites are flickr and devianart

  • this is brilliant. I am always struggling to find free pics for my site.

  • Great list!
    You blog is just an amazing resource

  • joe

    great, thanks.

  • Wow! I can’t tell you how much I can use these. It takes me longer to find good images for my posts than it does to actually write them.

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  • Wow, this is a mother-of-all list for stock images. I always found it difficult to find the right one and often ended up editing one of those images on some website and colage’d.

    Will go through ’em

  • useful info dude, i am studing make good graphic now. so many thanks

  • Great list. This will really help, i’d found a few free sites, but this is awesome. I can save some real money without having to settle. thanks.

  • Wow! These will help my business a LOT!

    Thanks SO much!


  • Thanks for the list! There’s a lot of great images to work with between all the sites. I found a few I might just use!

  • Wow, quite an exceptional resource of free images bro, thanks!

  • Wow this is a huge list of sites, its always good to have more images to play around with. Thanks for sharing this list!

  • Great list. Stock.xchg is definitely my favorite from that mash up. But then again, I think I have only tried a handful of those which you have posted. Looks like I need to expand my stock image sources.

  • I don’t do graphic design, but I do love putting images into my blogs to spice them up a bit. Blog posts without images are so boring, in my opinion. This list of sites to find stock images will work very well for me, i think. great article and thank you!

  • Huge list… I use sxc.hu and consider it to be the best.

  • Great list. I knew only sxc.hu before. Another bookmarked post from your blog. Thanks Jean!

  • Wow, that is a big list…I have a lot of new bookmarks to add. Thanks so much!

  • Ok great! Thats very useful! Thank you very much!

  • SEO

    Really ,you have post very good list and it is very useful and informative.thank dude

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  • Huge list. This is great for bloggers (newbie) like me. Still, some of the photos lack something that can only found on paid ones. Thanks for this list.

  • Thanks for putting it altogether, I was searching for some good free stock photos sites!

  • Nice info. This is what i look for. Thank dude.

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  • I usualy find everything I need on FreeStockImages. They have very intuitive layout and the search engine is superb. I highly recommend it to everyone.

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  • Its very useful. Thank you very much!

  • Good article. I’ve wrote an article about dutch stockphoto websites here:

    Stockphoto websites


  • i was searching about open source images to use in my projects and in my blog posts too , thanks

    but freefoto have much ads .

  • Another site of free stock photo www.pixelizar.com.ar

  • Great list! It’s hard for me to find free stock image sites that aren’t blocked by my office’s firewall! Thanks! 🙂

  • Thanks. I could use some free images for my website and ebook covers.

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  • mtb

    I have used Dexhaus before and I recommend it.

  • Dan

    Thanks for the listings. The information was very helpful. I found thousands of good quality royalty free images at www.sunipix.com

  • Another great list is on http://www.bluevertigo.com.ar/bluevertigo.htm they have a list for every tyep of stock you are looking for , photos, textures, vectors, music, animation and video. Its a great site and i use it for all my stock needs.

  • Thanks for the list – I’ll bookmark you, rather than all of them!

  • OMG, this is so great, I have used G images in the past, but most are copyrighted, this is one for the bookmark, thanks!

  • WOW. EXCELLENT. I have bookmarked this page. I will definitely use these sites for getting free stock images.

  • Jed

    SXC isn’t one of your 50?!??!?
    Great list tho anyway! Thanks!

  • Great list =) But for deviantART.com each stock contributor has their own set of rules so please check with the artist as some are not all rights free.

  • dA isn’t as free as you might expect. Always ask the deviant if you can use their art or not. Many though are gonna give a clear NO. As for stock and resources, not all the stock and resources are free and might have some kinda requirements…like non commercial unless you pay or you have to be a deviant yourself.

    Before you take art from dA, read the individual rules.

  • Great list.Must have worked very hard for getting those. Thanks.

  • This list is priceless!

  • Alex

    Another one with close to 1000 free images grouped in categories: http://www.4freephotos.com

  • One of the biggest problems is always finding images for my blog posts. It always has been so time consuming for me trying to find quality images, that I quit looking for images.
    These days, pictures seem to attract peoples interest to click on the link and read the full post. Furthermore, it also helps get some extra traffic from Google Image Search.

    Nice list. Will have to check the sites out to see what they have to offer.

  • Great list! Does anyone have any tips on how to get *useful* traffic from Google images?

  • this is brilliant. I am always struggling to find free pics for my site.

  • Thanks for the list. If you go to Getty images its at least $50 an image.

  • Thanks for this list, always difficult to source images without having to pay

  • For designers on a budget a new photo blog with free images: FreeStockImages.org

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  • Very usefull list, it’s always hard to find nice free pictures. Thx

  • Wow… All in one place, thank you so much. Everyone that blogs can always use another royalty free picture…

  • that is very nice. thanks a lot

  • thanks for the links. saves me a lot of time trying to create my own images.

  • nice info. thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks a lot man, this is a great post.

  • Great list. Very usefull indeed !!! Thank You!

  • Good sources of image websites. I bookmarked this post and thanks for information.

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  • Thanks really in need of them for my designing. Bookmarked this page.

  • Thanks for good resource. These helpful for my website image selection.

  • Awesome websites for free photos, I usually use zimbio to find photos, but not all of the photos on zimbio are free to use, since alot of them are copyrighted, but as long as you aren’t using them for profit you should be okay!


  • Nice, it’s so hard finding photos for things, especially with the legal teams that hunt down everyone using their images and sending law suits out. Having this list of sites will make it a lot easier/safer.

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  • nice entry, here more free stock imagees resource: http://indisain.com

  • These is a lot of resources for stock images thanks for rounding up. It’ll help us a lot.

  • Check out this site too.


    All photos are high resolution and absolutely free to use for both personal and commercial projects.

  • oow.. so many source.. thanks!

  • thanks for the lists

  • Awesome collection! Love the gorilla images!

  • Thats really a wonderful list. I have seen many post related to free photos but the list is really exceptional. Keep it up!!!!

  • It’s a very nice posting, good work .

  • Martin Fairclough

    Search through the Creative Commons site for images that the copyright holders don’t mind you re-using. For free.

    flickr is not a source of free photos. Unless they’re available under a creative commons license.
    Nor, I suspect, are many of the other sites.

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  • Fantastic list of stock images. Certainly saves money.
    Thanks for you help

  • Jon

    Nice pictures. Thanks

  • Very useful list for bloggers/publishers. Thanks!

  • That is a really great list 🙂 very useful for my photoshop tutorials … i already knew only flickr and deviantart ! Thanks to you and Fred

  • Handy list, bookmarked. Sometimes finding a relevant graphic is that one extra step I want to add, but it can be time consuming. Nice to have a larger list to search in one place. Thanks

  • Thanks for the list, truly you have distribution very good list and it is very useful and instructive.

  • This list has been a great resource for many people. I wonder whether it would be worth creating an updated list since the original list was posted a couple of years ago? I noticed that majesticimagery.com is no longer up.

  • WHOA, WAIT A MINUTE! Deviantart is NOT a stock website, it’s a place for artists to showcase their work. True there is a small stock section, but almost everything on the site is under exclusive copyright to the artists. In said stock section each artist has their own rules about how the image can be used so don’t go assuming anything! Some people (and myself occasionally) will let you use something of theirs if you ask but it is NOT free reign.

    Next time, check your facts.

  • Chico Stenz

    None of the links I clicked on, had any “Free” stock photos.

  • Joe

    Nice post!
    I have a new addition to the list: http://rgbstock.com
    (Done some by former stock.xchng members)

  • Also check out http://www.ImageFree.com – great website!

  • Great post, Thanks for the source of sites!

  • Hi there! this is such a cool list and even tho it is an older post many of the links are still valid! thanks for sharing and I wanted to let you know that I will be sharing many of these links on my new blog page “resources for creatives” @shellibean.weebly.com and I will include a linkback to this article as my source.

  • that link is http://shellibean.weebly.com

  • Booa Roy

    Me and my friend are amateur photographers (although we do some paid work every now and then) and we have created this website


    We believe in free culture and we are going to post all our photos in full resolution on our website and can be used under following creative commons license.

    That means you can
    remix, transform, and build upon the material
    for any purpose, even commercially.
    100% free of cost.

  • This is a great list. Really well put together. Thank you

    It would be fantastic if you would include or add www.stokpic.com to this list. I launched this site today so it is brand new. The site is updated daily and has 100% free Hi-res Images with unlimited downloads and not need to sign up.

    i just want to give all my images away for free. Simple.
    The images are searchable and in easy categories. it really would be great to be on your list.

    Thank you and I wish you continued success.

  • baltensperger

    One more Site for your list is: http://creativecommons.photos there are all photos licensed under the CC0 license.

  • Hi there! this is such a cool list and even tho it is an older post many of the links are still valid! thanks for sharing.Also visit http://mediainnovationz.com

  • Ash88

    Have a ook at http://digimadmedia.com/

  • Hi,

    Free images!


    free stock images

  • Wes

    http://freefilehunt.com is a good one too. You can search by license type, and they also offer themes, png images, vectors, and tons of other free design files.

  • Shpak Olesia

    Great article! Thank you!

    This one is great too.
    I hope you’ll like it.

  • baltensperger

    I have find one more source i can recommend you: https://plixs.com

  • MarshallKohl

    Nice review, thanks) Please, add this great source of stock photo themes templatemonster.com – excellent solution to create quality content with HQ pics only (more than 40 thousands pictures, well arranged and categorized)

  • Gaurav

    Excellent compilation of sources. I would like to talk about my project http://www.sketchjar.com , which is based on Creative Commons License & Hand picked photos only.Take a look and provide your feedback.

  • Tony

    Check out http://www.tonytextures.com/free-photo-texture-gallery/. I published here my own free texture gallery with over 4000 photo textures all around architecture materials and architecture visualization. Hope you like it!

  • Stuart Miles

    I’ve decided to put my catalogue of 30,000 images onto the net. You may use them absolutely free for professional or personal use – http://BusinessImagesFree.com

    • Helmholtz Wattson

      Full of Virus BEWARE!!!!

  • This is really an awesome post and very informative. This article is really very helpful for newbie bloggers.We all judge a book by its cover, Stock images with high quality is the basic & essential need of any blogger & there are lots of sites which offers us stock images for free, so that we can use them in our blog.
    Thank for this great post !