3 free WordPress themes I’ve created for you

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Who don’t like freebies? I’ve heard many persons complaining about the lack of quality free WordPress themes. Today, I’m happy to offer you three themes I’ve created. Feel free to download them and use them as you wish.

Please note: These themes are offered for free, under the terms of the GPL licence. No free support or help is given.

OpenBook – Magazine theme

Back in 2008, when “magazine” themes where the absolute hype, I’ve released OpenBook, a “magazine” theme inspired by Darren Hoyt’s Mimbo. OpenBook was release on WPHacks, and was downloaded more than 500 times that year.

Just two months ago, I’ve re-released OpenBook in a new version, which is 100% compatible with WordPress 3.0+. This new version includes wp_nav_menu() support, sidebar widgets, and the theme have a complete custom control panel where you can set-up its options.
» Download OpenBook or view the live demo.

Snippet – Thematic child theme

Theme frameworks are quite popular these days. Most are premium themes (Genesis, Thesis) but the best one in my opinion is 100% free. This framework is called Thematic.

I’ve used Thematic intensively last year, on Cats Who Code, my NYC tourism blog Visiter New York and the now abandonned blog PHP Snippets. On this last site, I’ve created a child theme named Snippet: It is simple, clean and perfect for a developer. As I know most of CWC readers are developers, I thought some of you would definitely enjoy it.

» Download Snippet or view the live demo.

jQuery Mobile – Mobile theme

If you’re a CWC reader for some months, you probably remember my How to create a mobile WordPress theme with jQuery Mobile article, which was a tutorial about creating a mobile theme for your WordPress blog, using the excellent framework jQuery Mobile.

This theme, simply named jQuery Mobile is optimized for mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberries, etc. It is a great basis for building a mobile website. Of course, you can also use it on your own blog, along with a plugin like IWPhone, which can automatically detect a mobile device and switch from your regular theme to a mobile theme.

» Download jQuery Mobile Theme or view the live demo.

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  1. Mannie Schumpert said:

    The jQuery mobile theme looks great, but on the demo site, the ui-footer div is wider than my iPhone screen (I’m guessing due to a padding attribute), causing the site to be horizontally scrollable, which it shouldn’t be.

  2. Jonathan said:

    Thank you for sharing !

    What about a Drupal jQuery Mobile Theme ?

    I’m working on it but i’ve some problems with jQuery 1.4.4 and drag-and-drop block module.

  3. Bill Davis said:

    I can see personal and professional use of each of these 3 themes. I especially like the “magazine-style” theme, “Open Book.” Downloading now.

    Thanks for the beautiful work :)

  4. Jenny said:

    I looked specifically at the mobile theme. I was hoping to do something similar to this for my site, however, it doesn’t appear to me that the demo link is working.

  5. GIochi said:

    wow these themes are so cool.

    I might use on of them on my upcoming new blog ))
    Im so thankful for these that im gonna make a blog post about your site (:

    thanks, great work.

  6. Pierre said:

    Hey, I stumbled upon your free themes while looking for some pearl to start my design with for a new site I’m developing… Thanks a lot for sharing Jean-Baptiste! It’s hard to find GPLed themes nowadays! :)

    Keep up the good work!

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