10 free professional websites templates PSD files

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Studying and working on PSD files is a very good way to learn using Photoshop for Web Design. In this article, I have compiled 10 gorgeous, professional and 100% free website templates that you can use and customize to fit your needs.

1 – Darkwoods

2 – Free hosting template

3 – Old burned paper

4 – Music band template

5 – Bus template

6 – Blog Source

7 – Funky Design

8 – Toxic green

9 – Dance club

10 – Personnal portfolio

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  1. Listen To Hip Hop Music said:

    Jean, I downloaded the free-hosting, bus template, and the blog template! I’m a big fan of PSDs and these three are excellent templates in my opinion for specific purposes. I’ve always gone to photoshop first when designing my websites and I felt that these three suited the ideas I have in mind for both current and future sites. The only psd I didn’t like was the dance one honestly.

  2. Stu said:

    Nice collection – the toxic green one is particularly nice.

    I quite like the Burned Paper one too, although the fonts in the right hand sidebar could be a little more “rustic” looking to fit with the rest of the design.

    Overall, nice collection though! :-)

  3. Martin Fister said:

    A lot of these layouts are cool but ones that I’d have trouble modifying to fit my site. I think I’d be able to use the Bus Layout though and incorporate some changes into it to fit what I have in mind though.

  4. Stu said:

    @Martin – there are plenty of people around who can modify a template then code it to valid (X)HTML for you.

    It’d still be much cheaper than getting a design done from scratch.

  5. Martin Fister said:

    Stu, that’s true. It always takes me a long time to build my own designs and I usually shy away from services. Building off of one of these with someone else’s help would likely get me a much nicer layou for a fractoin of the cost

  6. Stu said:

    @ Martin – I have some Indian friends who do this work for me.

    They charge US$200 to design a template, then anywhere from $100 – $200 to code it.

    I then just build the sites out using the template.

    Not sure if I can say who they are here, so I’ll leave it till someone tells me otherwise. ;-)

  7. smashill said:

    It’s cool to see how people work compared to myself. I am usually not tidy enough to share any of my psd files… that’s probably why I’ll never make a good coder as well :)

  8. Money Academy said:

    looks nice designs and PSD files help customize it in photoshop , i can’t see “Free hosting template” good but i like the white background themes ” and free designs too” .


  9. Listen To Hip Hop Music said:

    Jean, even though you weren’t able to find a hip hop based theme, I definitely could find a way to manipulate both blog source and the web hosting template to suit my needs and have a hip hop feel to them!

    Thanks again for these. Once I’m done with midterms, I’m gonna see what I can do with them!

  10. Sally said:

    I like all the Templates but music Template is the best one. Now a days i am creating a website in which i will use these type of good Templates. Thanks for submitting these templates buddy. :pop

  11. top 10 said:

    My friend is thinking to open web hosting service and the template design for hosting is very nice. I think in this time of recession, it will be very help. Thanks

  12. Cake said:

    Gave me a couple ideas. I’m making a series of 3 page websites and the first one I made with an original psd… but I sliced it in Fireworks. I was really impressed with the band black and white image…. Cheers -

  13. Short Hair Cuts said:

    Nice! I was just looking for some PSD’s to practice on, and these are perfect. Yeah, I’m a decade behind the times, but I’m just now learning how to use PhotoShop correctly.

  14. Interview Questions said:

    Thanks for the great share, downloaded them, and kept them for later, should come in very handy! And I agree, looking at how these .PSD’s are put together is a great way to learn web design.

  15. Resume Templates said:

    Wow! your templates are fabulous. In terms of design they are top notch. I have a friend looking to embark on a website in the next couple of weeks, she will be thrilled! Can’t believe these are free! Wow! Wow! Wow! Fleur

  16. David Gift Basket said:

    You need “Dreamweaver”(or other WYSIWYG HTML editors) to edit text and hyperlink.

    You also have to prepare images by hide text layers inside Photoshop and save the images to use on Dreamweaver.

  17. Web Design said:

    Darkwoods, Old Burned Paper and Toxic Green have won my favor. These are of great usefulness and I hope most of the web masters will agree to me. Anyway I appreciate the efforts of the designer for making these extra-ordinary templates.

  18. Atlanta PC Repair Guy said:

    I’ve been mostly using CSS for my website templates. Where/How would I learn how to edit PSD templates. I guess the main question I have is how do I edit the buttons and navigation.

    Can anyone point me to some good tutorials?



  19. Get Back With My Ex said:

    Wow! This is a really nice collection of templates. I love working with templates when starting a new site – it really cuts down the time it takes to have a good-looking site. I really appreciate you giving these away for us to try out and even make our own. Keep it up! Nikki

  20. Kotlina Klodzka said:

    The old burned paper looks kinda like a video game menu. It’s awesome although I guess the content needs to match (you wouldn’t start a blog on technology on a theme like this, right?).

  21. MN Entertainers said:

    Hey, thanks a lot for those. I’ve been meaning to tinker with my site a bit, and I think that the “free hosting” or “bus” templates might be good options for the new design, at least as a starting point.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  22. khayes said:

    cateswhocode web site is helpful for us. i like this. the template therms is very nice. so where/How would I learn how to edit PSD templates. so plz tell me what can i will be do????? Thank You!

  23. Silke said:

    Hello Jean,

    thanks for this nice work. i am working in the moment on a site for bavarian specialities, needed and found some inspiration here.

    greets from munich


  24. kurt said:

    These templates are different, I really like them. This is an interesting post. Do they typically fit all sites, or is there something else I should be looking at?

  25. Brandi C. Dykes said:

    Took me time to study every of the feedback, but i really loved the article. It proved to be extremely useful to me and i\’m confident to all of the commenters here! it’s all the time better when you can not solely be informed, but additionally entertained! i’m confident you had enjoyable penning this article.

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