Web development trends you should apply to your future project

In the creative field, the trends are supposed to change. They have a dynamic nature and so you will notice a trend that is popular one-day will not even notice the next day. In web design and development there have been many trends that come and go, however, only a few grab the attention of the developers for a long time.
The Web is a unique platform that has been evolving and changing since the very beginning. So today we have for you the web development trends that you must consider.

WordPress action hooks and filters: practical examples

Action hooks and filters are very useful in WordPress. They allow you to "hook" a custom function to an existing function and modify WordPress functionality without editing core files. Here are 10 practical examples of WordPress hooks and filters.

Design tips for creating a website logo

There’s no doubt about it. Every website needs a logo. It’s not just a placeholder at the top of the website or used as the site’s favicon. A website logo helps establish brand trust and recognition. If you’re new to website logo design, however, it can take some practice to design an effective DIY logo for you or your clients. Start by checking out these design tips for creating website logos.

10 things to do right now for a better WordPress site

If you want your website to be successful and useful to your readers, there's always something to improve. This article presents a checklist of 10 things to do right now to drastically improve your WordPress site quality, loading speed and usability.

The ultimate guide to your WordPress Vlog theme

In the past 5 years starting a blog and writing about your passion, hobby, work or relationships is something that a lot of us decided to do, and WordPress themes have made our blogs customizable, professional, and elegant. But, this is the year of vlogging. Vlogging is the new blogging bringing you closer to your readers. Videos allow your users to get to know you and see you in a different light. So here is what you need from a WordPress theme to vlog like a boss.

Top 10 lightweight CSS frameworks for building fast websites in 2017

When building a website, using a CSS framework is a real time saver as it provides you with tools every web designer needs when crafting a site. But as you know, loading speed is a very important quality factor. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the current top 10 lightweight CSS frameworks, for creating beautiful, functional and super fast loading websites.